Caseificio del Pratomagno

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The Dairy Cooperative breeders Pratomagno is active in Casentino since the seventies. Always, in his dairy business has drawn from the fresh milk of sheep breeders every morning gave the processing center located on the edge of the village of Talla. This allowed the years to create a product, cheese percorino, particularly appreciated, first in Tuscany and then in neighboring regions.

Today, as then, the Dairy is attentive to the acquisition of fresh milk and all the processing steps for obtaining a cheese that conveys the most of its connotations of naturalness. Thanks to the new demands of the Dairy marked diversified production entering the market fresh pecorino, semi mature and mature. Flagship of the company is the production of special cheeses flavored, combining the quality of local milk, important species such as chili, pepper, olives, truffles, wild herbs. These productions are particularly appreciated by the consumer.

For several years, the Cooperative has taken steps to increase the range of products, always characterized by the utmost attention from the members manufacturers today in the three stores you can find delicious meats, vegetables, honey, spelled and fine Tuscan wines.